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Fuji X-A3 - Power Adapter Notice

Fuji X-A3 - Power Adapter Notice
Fuji X-A3 - Power Adapter Notice

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Important Notice for Fuji X-A3 Customers:

Fujifilm announced that it has received 6 reports of a cracked or damaged wall plug for AC power adapter AC-5VF for certain FUJIFILM digital cameras. We confirmed that the strength of the wall plug within certain manufacturing lots may not be enough in rare cases. A weak wall plug may crack or break and possibly be separated from the AC power adapter. If a cracked or broken wall plug separates while still connected to an electric outlet, there is a possibility to deliver an electric shock. Therefore, please stop using the AC power adapter AC-5VF until you have identified whether or not your wall plug is included in the corresponding manufacturing lots set forth below. In particular, never use a cracked or broken AC power adapter AC-5VF.

Some power adapter wall plugs could crack or break posing a shock hazard.

Certain power adapter wall plugs sold with the following Fujifilm cameras:
XP90/XP95 sold since June 2016,
XP120/125 sold since January 2017,
X-A3 sold since October 2016, and
X-A10 sold since February 2017.

IMMEDIATELY STOP USING ANY AFFECTED ADAPTER WALL PLUG. Go to www.fujifilm.ca to see if the power adapter wall plug packaged with your camera is one subject to this recall. Or call toll free: 833-613-1200 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday (assistance in English and French will be available). Emails regarding the recall may be sent to productsafety@fujifilm.com. You may continue to charge your camera using the provided USB cable by connecting it to a personal computer while awaiting a free replacement power adapter wall plug.

This recall is being conducted by FUJIFILM Canada, Inc. in cooperation with Health Canada.


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