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From July 18th to October 31st, 2022, Leica is offering an SL-System deal to anyone ⁠who has registered a Leica SL, SL2, SL2-S, CL, TL, TL2, Q, Q2 as well as any M-Model in their Leica Account.

Leica customers can receive a savings of $850 CAD when purchasing a new Leica SL2/SL2-S Body or Bundle and a savings of $650 CAD when purchasing a Leica SL Prime Lens.

To qualify for the offer, you must be:

  • The owner of a qualifying Leica Product registered in their Leica Account (All Leica SL, SL2, SL2-S, CL, TL, TL2, Q, Q2, and M bodies)

Owners of registered eligible Leica products can apply to get their set of 2 vouchers on their Leica account. To redeem, simply activate the voucher in your Leica account and invite up to 5 friends using the “referral option” – vouchers get emailed to friends.

Terms & Condition:

Vouchers can’t be cumulated to buy single new products. One voucher for one single eligible purchase. Voucher expires once redeemed, valid from July18 – October31,2022.

Both pre-owned and brand-new registered products are eligible for voucher requests.

This program can only be activated through the Leica Account via the Leica Camera website. Customers without a voucher are not eligible for this promotion.

First time purchases of an SL-system body during the promotion don’t qualify either. Customers may purchase their first SL body, register this purchase, and receive a voucher set for a SL prime lens and/or second SL body/bundle.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or visit for more information.