LEOFOTO MC-100 Multi-Functional Clamp

LEOFOTO MC-100 Multi-Functional Clamp

Posted by Paolo Capili on 2021 May 14th

Walking around town, wanting to take pictures of famous landmarks and don't want to bring your big and bulky tripod with you? The Leofoto MC-100 Multi-functional Clamp might be the answer. Clamp anywhere and everywhere that would handle a full size DSLR set-up with up to 15 kg Max load. Turn your simple snapshots to “Wow” shots. With the help of the clamp and having your camera stable you can now use filters and shoot cityscape or landscape in a proper way.

Turn your average snapshot to something beautiful.

Canon 5D Mark IV with Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II USM
Graduated Neutral Density filter with CPL and Full 6 Stops ND to achieve long exposure.
(75 seconds , f11, iso 100).

To start, look for a nice vantage point and look for something that would support the weight of your gear and clamp your camera. Make sure the camera is secure and everything is locked. You can also add a ballhead to easily adjust your horizon and help you with your composition. And finally using filters to help you put that “Wow” factor to your final photo.

To conclude, The Leofoto MC-100 Multi-Functional Clamp is a simple and effective tool to help you stabilize your camera when travelling or just walking around the neighborhood. A very compact clamp that could easily fit inside your camera bag. (Clamp, Ballhead and Filters are sold separately).

Happy Shooting!
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