The DJI Ronin-SC Is a Lighter, Compact Mirrorless Camera Gimbal

The DJI Ronin-SC Is a Lighter, Compact Mirrorless Camera Gimbal

Posted by Broadway Camera on 2019 Jul 17th

DJI's latest camera gimbal is the new Ronin-SC, a lightweight 3-axis gimbal meant for mirrorless cameras and single-handed operation. While it looks much like the larger Ronin-S, the Ronin-SC is much lighter than it's predecessor, weighing in at about half a kilogram lighter at just 1.25kg (Ronin-SC gimbal, battery and extended grip). 

Supporting up to a 2.0kg payload, the Ronin-S is made of durable, high quality materials, has a battery good for 11 hours of use, and easily disassembles small enough to fit into a camera bag.

While the Ronin-SC may not be able to support as much gear as DJI's larger camera gimbals, it has some new features not found anywhere else at the moment such as a new position lock system designed to make it much easier to remount and rebalance a camera after it's been done the first time.

There's also a number of new features new modes available for the Ronin-SC with the DJI Ronin app. The SC is capable of all the same modes as the Ronin-S with a couple of new editions. Force Mobile let you operate the Ronin-SC's gimbal movements by panning and tilting your phone, synchronizing with the internal accelerometers. ActiveTrack 3.0 is DJI's latest version of their subject follow algorithms specifically for human figures.

The DJI Ronin-SC will be available soon as either the Ronin-SC Standard (MSRP: $469.99) or Ronin-SC Pro Kit (MSRP: $599.99). The Pro Kit adds the Focus Motor, Focus Motor Rod Mount, Focus Wheel, Focus Gear Strip and an RSS Splitter. Pre-order yours today at Broadway Camera!