The New Leica M10 is the Slimmest, Most Powerful Digital M Camera Ever

The New Leica M10 is the Slimmest, Most Powerful Digital M Camera Ever

Posted by Broadway Camera on 2017-01-19

It always seems like a big deal when Leica comes out with a new M. They are, after all, the workhorses that Leica shooters use in the real world. Today, Leica announces the latest update to their M-series lineup: the M10.

Leica claims that the new M10 is their slimmest digital M camera ever made, as shown in this comparison with the M4.

Not only have them slimmed down the overall dimensions but also the camera’s operations, reducing the number of buttons on the camera’s rear by half, down to just 3: Live-View, Playback and Menu.

At the heart of the M10 is an all-new 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor, which Leica says, along with the new Maestro-II image processor, improves on their previous generation’s dynamic range, color rendition, sharpness and detail. It’s also capable of an ISO range between 100 and 50,000 for better low-light performance.

The M10 is capable of continuous burst up to 5 frames per second at full resolution. A 2.0GB buffer ensures that you’ll be able to burst for longer periods of time.

The field of view in the new optical viewfinder has been enlarged a whopping 30%, up to a magnification of 0.73x. Eye-relief distance has also been increased by 50%, which should make the M10 more comfortable for photographers that wear glasses.

While the M10 lacks video mode, it gains greater connectivity options with the addition of an integrated Wi-Fi module that lets you connect to your smartphone or tablet. It lets you control your camera remotely or immediately share your photos on social media.

The M10 is built to last, machined from solid blocks of brass and magnesium alloy while scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass covers the LCD. Weather resistant rubber seals keep water and dust out of the camera’s internals.

The Leica M10 is available starting today! In fact, we already have one at our Leica Boutique, located at our Richmond store.