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Things to Know Before You Start Your Vlog

Things to Know Before You Start Your Vlog

Posted by Broadway Camera on 2019 May 13th

Vlogging is a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your personality, ingenuity, and ideas in a way that is unique to yourself. Whether you’re vlogging for commercial or retail purposes, or you’re vlogging for leisure, it’s never too late to get started. Vlogging accounts on YouTube are created every day, and some can accumulate a mass following; however, the ones that are best prepared are the ones that are set up to have success. Here are a few things to ensure you have before you start your vlog:

High-Quality Video Camera/Microphone

Without a high-quality video camera, users on YouTube and other video sharing websites won’t be able to view you, your products or your visuals in high definition. There is a wide variety of vlogs on the Internet that may cover the same ideas and topics that you’re discussing or showcasing. Therefore, it is imperative to make your video camera investment your priority. Ensure that you also invest in a unidirectional microphone that is designed specifically for vlogs or podcasts.

Open an Account on YouTube

Of course, you can vlog for yourself, but upon purchasing a high-quality video camera, you’ll want the entire world to watch your vlog! YouTube is the largest source for vlogs on the Internet, and it makes it easy to share your vlog and take ideas from other vloggers for future installments. Be sure to create a YouTube account and post it on there after filming.

Filming Your Vlog

This is the hardest part about creating a vlog: doing it. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated, because after all, it’s your vlog and no one else's. Here are a few helpful tips for the filming process:

  • 1.Don’t Overthink About Content

When you plan a script for your vlog, it can be tough for your blog to sound natural and authentic. One of the better practices to undertake as a vlogger is not to overthink what you’re going to say. Pick a topic and discuss what you know about it spontaneously.

  • 2.Adversely, Plan A Rough Outline

If you have a difficult time improvising, create a rough outline about what you want to say including talking points.

  • 3.Engage Your Audience

Vlogs are incredibly popular because they engage the viewers for opinions, comments, critiques and complaints. When viewers on YouTube feel they are an integral component to your channel, you’ll start a conversation in the comments and allow people to speak freely about topics that are important to them.

  • 4.Create a Unique Sign Off Catchphrase

Being unique is a priority for creating a vlog; don’t be afraid to stand out and be different. Be sure that you take time to craft a personalized sign-off phrase. Phrases like “Until next time” or “Until we meet again” are cliché catchphrases but are good examples of a sign-off phrase that could be used in your vlog.

  • 5.Constantly Improve

The pilot episode of most vlogs is not the best. However, do not get discouraged because over time you will learn tricks that will make episodes even better. You will learn where you should be positioning your camera, where you should be standing/sitting in relation to the camera, as well as the best possible backdrop for your vlog. The more you try, the more comfortable and relaxed you will become and the more fun you will have creating vlogs.