This Is The Game-Changing Pro Secret For Great Video

This Is The Game-Changing Pro Secret For Great Video

Posted by Alpha Universe on 2024-04-10

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: nothing ruins a good video like bad audio. This year Sony has introduced a number of impressive audio solutions into the market – all providing your video with high-quality sound in crystal clear fashion. Whether you’re a vlogger, professional videographer, livestreamer or hybrid content creator – there’s a microphone option here to suit your audio needs. Learn more about each below and check out our vlogging page for more gear options and content for video creators.

Because bad audio is unwatchable, try adding one of these microphones to your bag kit to transform your videos.

Sony ECM-M1

The Sony ECM-M1 is the world's first shotgun microphone with eight dial-selectable audio recording models. The microphone’s various modes include Stereo, and its Ultra-Directional Mode captures targeted sound from the front and at the same time effectively suppresses other sounds, dynamically adapting to ambient sound in the surroundings. This mode is great for those shooting interviews or vlogging in front of the camera.

It’s also a compact and lightweight microphone, which is another reason it’s great for vloggers who need to capture high-quality audio in diverse situations. When connected via the Multi Interface Shoe of a compatible camera, the audio signal is directly transferred to the camera in digital form so that high-quality sound is uninterrupted. Learn more about the Sony ECM-M1 below and add it to your kit HERE.

Sony ECM-W3

The Sony ECM-W3 consists of a receiver and two microphones, and is an excellent audio recording solution for those shooting interviews and one-on-one conversations. It’s equipped with a noise-cut filter that effectively reduces harsh noise with digital signal processing, the microphone also has a low-cut filter that reduces unwanted low-frequency noise such as wind, air conditioning, and vibration noise. The included windscreen reduces the noise generated when strong wind or breath hits the microphone, making it possible to record clear audio without interference from the ambient environment.

Those recording interviews can easily connect the Sony ECM-W3 to their Sony camera equipped with the Multi-Interface (MI) shoe to directly record the audio signal output. This is how you get that next-level sound recording with minimal noise interference. Spend less time removing noise in post-production and start with clear sound right out of the gate. Watvh the video below for more on the Sony ECM-W3 and get your own HERE.

Sony ECM-W3S

The Sony ECM-W3S consists of a receiver and one microphone (instead of two, like the ECM-W3 mentioned above). The ECM-W3S excels in capturing clear and articulate user voices for vloggers and video content creators with a focus on delivering a natural organic sound. The technology in the microphones ensure exceptional sound pickup while at the same time reducing other noise.

Not only is it designed with sound-quality in mind, it’s also light and compact – perfect for those vlogging on the go. All-in-all, this microphone is yet another excellent option for video content creators who work in a wide range of shooting scenarios such as vlogs and interviews, where the user needs them to easily record high-quality voices even when shooting away from the camera. If you need to achieve superior audio recording across various shooting situations, connect this one to your Sony camera to directly record the audio output. Learn more about the ECM-W3S HERE.

Sony ECM-S1

For professional videographers and video content creators who require top-notch audio quality for shoots and livestreams – the Sony ECM-S1 microphone is the ultimate tool. The microphone allows you to record audio directly to the camera via a wireless connection, removing the possibility of sound and video lag.

It’s light and compact, and it also has three sound pickup modes: Uni-directional, Omni-directional and Stereo. The microphone’s intrinsic low noise levels and wide dynamic range allows for clear recording of even the softest sounds. It’s the perfect intuitive creator tool that meets the needs of diverse creators. Watch the video below for more on the Sony ECM-S1, and get yours HERE.