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Fujifilm X70 Black

Fujifilm X70 Black
Fujifilm X70 Black
Fujifilm X70 Black
Fujifilm X70 Black
Fujifilm X70 Black

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The FUJIFILM X70 brings first-class performance in a small, pocketable package to the Fujifilm X family. This premium compact digital camera features a new FUJINON 18.5mm F2.8 lens that will capture amazing images of everything from landscapes to street portraits. The big APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR Processor II image processing engine combine to bring you fast auto focus and stunning colour reproduction. The X70 is the first X-Series camera with a touchscreen display that rotates 180 degrees so you have the versatility to shoot from up high, down low or even capture selfies. Take this lightweight performer on all your travels, whether around the world or around the corner, and keep amazing images at the tip of your fingers.
Key Features:
  • 16MP APS-C X Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR processor II engine with phase detection AF for ultra-fast 0.1 sec* focusing, start up in 0.5sec*, shutter lag time of 0.01sec and shooting interval of 0.5sec**.
  • Small, lightweight, premium Fujifilm X design with customizable control ring for quick access to ISO sensitivity, Film Simulation, white balance and continuous shooting
  • 180 degree tilting Touch Screen 3” 1.040 million-dots LCD for easy and intuitive operation. You can select a focus area and use TouchShot to take a photo instantly or swipe, drag and pinch-zoom in playback mode.
  • FUJINON 18.5mm F2.8 lens offers a 28mm angle of view (35mm equivalent) with built-in Digital Teleconverter that lets you select 35mm and 50mm options
  • Auto Mode Switch for selecting Advanced SR Auto mode, that chooses optimum settings for any scene.
  • Manual Focus with Digital Split Image™ and Focus Peak Highlight (White, Red, Blue) for pinpoint manual focusing
  • WiFi remote control shooting through your smart device, wireless image transfer and direct printing with Instax Share SP-1 (sold separately)
  • 8 fps High-speed continuous shooting with predictive auto focus
  • Silent electronic shutter is capable of exposures up to 1/32,000 sec.
  • Film Simulation modes, including Classic Chrome,
  • Multiple Exposure function and 8 Advanced Filter effects
  • AF system with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for effortless capture of moving subjects
  • Interval timer Shooting
  • Full HD 1080p video with 60 fps, 30fps, 25fps and 24fps frame rates
18.5mm F2.8 Lens Helps You Make the Most of Every Situation
The FUJIFILM X70 features a 18.5mm F2.8 wide-angle fixed lens capable of covering everything from snapshots to landscapes. Using technologies developed in the X100 series, the newly-designed FUJINON lens is optimized for the 16.3-megapixel APS-C sized X-Trans CMOS II sensor and produces outstanding detail and sharpness.
Compact, High-Performance Lens
The new lens, specifically developed for the FUJIFILM X70, has an optical construction of seven elements in five groups, including two aspherical lenses to correct distortion. Furthermore, the wide aperture lens combines with the sensor to deliver an impressive level of detail with even light distribution across the entire frame.
Shoot at any angle with the 180 degree tilting LCD screen
A 3.0-inch 1.04M-dot 180 degree tilting LCD screen allows users to shoot from a wide variety of angles, such as low angles and high angles, and flipping the screen 180 degrees upwards is perfect for selfies. The FUJIFILM X70's wide-angle lens is ideal for high-quality self-portraits that include your surroundings too.
Enjoy Simple Playback And Shooting With the First Touchscreen on an X-Series Camera
The FUJIFILM X70 is the first X-Series model to feature touchscreen control. When shooting, the touchscreen allows users to select a focus area and use Touch Shot to take a picture quickly. During playback, smartphone-style gestures can be used, including swipe, drag, pinch-zoom and double tap enlargement, offering a different experience to viewing images using buttons.
Exposure control using dials and an aperture ring
Based around the trademark X-Series operating system, the small and lightweight FUJIFILM X70 offers intuitive operation with at-a-glance checking of important exposure settings. The lens features an aperture ring, while shutter speeds and exposure compensation are controlled by dials on the top plate. Apertures can be changed in 1/3 or 1 stop increments for precise control, while the dials are milled from aluminum for ease of use and a comfortable feel.
Auto Mode Selector Lever
Selecting AUTO on the top plate Auto Mode Selector Lever switches the FUJIFILM X70 to Advanced SR Auto, where it automatically selects the optimal settings according to the scene. This delivers instant high-quality results with settings chosen based on 54 pre-programmed scenes.
Recreating the colors of Fujifilm's photographic films
Film Simulation, perfected through Fujifilm's passion and philosophy of color reproduction over 80 years of photographic film manufacturing, allows users to create the colors and tones of photographic film, delivering high quality results with ease. If you shoot RAW, the in-camera RAW processing function enables any of the 11 Film Simulation options to be applied post-capture, broadening your shooting options.
Capture each strand of hair in crisp detail
Due to the X-Trans CMOS II sensor architecture that eliminates the need for an optical low-pass filter (OLPF) and integrates FUJFILM's originally developed color filter array, the FUJIFILM X70 reproduces scenes with resolution and clarity rivaling a larger sensor. X-Trans CMOS II sensor incorporates an original color filter array with a highly random pattern, eliminating the need for an optical low-pass filter (OLPF). These filters are used in conventional systems to inhibit moiré at the expense of resolution. The X-Trans CMOS II sensor array lets the sensor capture unfiltered light from the lens, achieving an unprecedented level of resolution.
A remarkable leap in high sensitivity — maximum ISO of 51200**
To broaden photographic opportunities in low-light scenes, you'll find an expanded sensitivity range, which now extends to an impressive ISO 51200. To combat noise at these ultra-high sensitivity settings, the arrangement of components and circuits around the sensor has been redesigned, keeping blacks black, with minimal grain and no color casts.
Ultra-fast electronic shutter
The camera features a mechanical shutter of up to 1/4000 sec as well as an electronic shutter of up to 1/32000 sec. This allows you to shoot with wide apertures even in bright sun to create beautiful bokeh effects. You can select either the mechanical shutter, electronic shutter or both.
High-speed AF with on-board phase detection pixels
The camera's Intelligent Hybrid AF system combines the excellent autofocus speed of Phase Detection AF with the strong low light performance of Contrast AF. The phase detection elements on the image sensor delivers autofocusing speeds of up to 0.1 sec*. A new algorithm has also enhanced performance in low light and low contrast conditions.
Faster together — the X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR Processor II
The blazing image processing performance of the EXR Processor II not only produces images with increased resolution and higher quality at higher speeds, but also accelerates operational responses. The start-up time has improved to only approx. 0.5 sec.** Working in tandem with the high-speed signal readout of the X-Trans CMOS II sensor, the processor reduces the shooting interval to 0.5 sec.*** and shutter time lag to 0.01 sec.
Continuous shooting with AF-C at 8.0 fps and advanced subject motion prediction
Features advanced subject motion prediction technology to predict the subject's movement using past data, enabling continuous shooting with AF-C*4 at up to 8.0 fps.
Delivering a more accurate focusing performance
Single-point AF divides the focus area into smaller sections to more accurately determine the distance to the subject for even greater focusing accuracy. The built-in phase detection pixels deliver AF performance that enables fast focusing in low-light conditions and on low-contrast subjects.
Integral Digital Tele-Converter Offers 35mm* and 50mm* Equivalents
When the digital tele-converter is activated, the lens is capable not only of shooting at the wide-angle 28mm* equivalent, but also 35mm and 50mm settings. The LCD screen alters according to the setting, so it's just like changing lenses - perfect when you want your subject larger in the frame. The lens's focusing ring becomes a control ring, except when using MF, allowing the user to speedily change the angle of view. The digital teleconverter can be used with main exposure modes including P (Program AE), S (Shutter Speed Priority AE), and A (Aperture Priority AE).
Pan the camera using the guidelines to shoot amazing panoramic images. You can choose between 180 degrees or 120 degrees, and specify vertical or horizontal panning. Once all the shots are taken, the camera automatically combines the images into a panoramic shot.
Multiple exposure
The camera supports multiple exposure capture, which allows you to take two frames and combine them for an artistic effect. You can display the first shot on the LCD screen while framing and shooting the second for perfect alignment. Film Simulation effects also apply in this mode.
Advanced Filters
Create unique images by using one of eight Advanced Filters. Effects include Toy Camera for a retro look, Miniature for creating a diorama effect, and Pop Color for high contrast and saturation. You can preview the effect through the viewfinder or on the LCD screen.
Continuous shooting
The camera offers High Speed Continuous shooting (CH) at approx. 8.0 fps and Low Speed Continuous shooting (CL) at approx. 3.0 fps. While in JPEG mode, you can shoot around 8 frames in CH and can shoot until the memory card is full in CL.
The Bracketing mode offers automatic bracketing not only of exposure but also ISO sensitivity, dynamic range, Film Simulation and white balance. A single press of the shutter release takes three bracketed images so you can choose the one you prefer.
Interval Timer shooting
The start time, number of shots, and interval can all be set in the camera, allowing use for time-lapse shooting and shots taken with the self-timer. The camera can be set to take 1 - 999 shots over intervals of 1sec - 24 hours.
Movie shooting
Frame rates can be selected from 60fps, 50fps, 30fps, 25fps and 24fps for Full HD movies, supporting worldwide motion picture formats. It is also possible to change the settings of aperture, shutter speed, and exposure compensation while shooting a movie. Just as with still images, program, aperture priority, shutter priority and manual modes can be selected, as well as Film Simulation modes. Various expressions can be enjoyed such as a documentary style with CLASSIC CHROME.
Focus with a Touch with the new smart application - FUJIFILM Camera Remote
With the new dedicated "FUJIFILM Camera Remote" application, you can focus and trigger the camera release from your smartphone or tablet. The app not only lets you adjust focus, but also control settings like shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity. You can even apply other settings like Film Simulation, self-timer, and flash while "Touch AF" lets you focus from your phone or tablet, too. Imagine all the situations where this smart assistant will come in handy! Take commemorative group photos with yourself in the shot, capture wildlife photos, or remotely release the shutter for night shots free from camera shake.The photographic possibilities are endless.
Share every moment via email and SNS with easy wireless transfer to your smartphone
For easy wireless transfer of photos to your smartphone or tablet just download the free dedicated "FUJIFILM Camera Remote" application to your device. There's no need to enter an ID, password or to change other troublesome settings; with just a touch of a button, you can transfer your high-quality images to your phone or tablet ready to upload to your blog or social networking site.
Automatically transfer and save photos on your PC via Wi-Fi®**
Just turn on your PC and select PC AutoSave from the camera's menu for effortless wireless transfer and saving of your photos and movies to your home PC.***
Flash Photography
The FUJIFILM X70 comes with a hot-shoe mounted accessory flashgun and features Fujifilm's original Super Intelligent Flash system — the high-precision TTL flash control technology that automatically supplies just the right amount of flash according to the lighting conditions of your chosen scene. It's ideal for shooting small items, special occasions indoors or other low-light subjects. When even more light is required or you are shooting with the lens hood attached, you can use a separately sold TTL flash.
In-camera RAW Converter
The built-in RAW data converter lets you view and edit your results without the need for your PC. The conversion of RAW data not only takes into account exposure compensation, white balance and other in-camera image quality control settings, but also lets you apply Film Simulation modes in the converter mode.
Condition: Brand new in original manufacturer's packaging
Contents: Camera, Battery, AC Adapter, Shoulder Strap, Metal Strap Clip, Protective Cover, Clip Attaching Tool, Lens Cap, USB Cable
Warranty: 1 year Canadian Manufacturer's Warranty